Welcome to the Database & Data Mining Lab (Big data Lab)

Welcome to the Database & Data Mining Lab (Big Data Lab) at the POSTECH. We have been focusing on big data, databases, mining, and AI related research for databases (natural language to SQL and self-driving DBMSs).

Our goal is to build scalable, intelligent Big data systems that effectively and efficiently deal with Big data. Most of Big data is unstructured data, and thus, it is difficult to handle. We are building a system for converting unstructured data into semi-structured data in a graph form so that it can be easily handled in our distributed graph engines such as TurboGraph/TurboGraph++/iTurboGraph. We are also building an intelligent system to interact with humans through a natural language interface to the database

We are proud of strong publication records in top database venues such as SIGMOD/VLDB (16 SIGMOD/VLDB papers by our group for the past 5 years), significantly contributing to make the Korean database community one of the strongest communities worldwide. Many of our alumni work for top notch companies including Facebook, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and Amazon. We have been closely collaborating with Oracle Labs and SAP for many years.


1. Dec 2021

Professor Han has been invited as an Associate Editor for PVLDB 2023.

1. Dec 2021

Professor Han was awarded the Proud Postechian Award (Research Division) for 2021.

18. Nov 2021

One paper is accepted to ICDE 2022.

27. Oct 2021

Professor Han has been elected as a trustee of the VLDB Endowment.

11. Jul 2021

Associate Editor for SIGMOD RECORD

15. Jun 2021

One paper has been accepted to VLDB.

27. Apr 2021

Welcome new interns

27. Apr 2021

Seongyun will join Facebook's headquarters (in Menlo Park) as a research scientist.

15. Mar 2021

One paper about continuous subgraph matching is accepted to VLDB 2021.

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